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lēf Greens Take Root at Dave’s Fresh Marketplace







We pride ourselves on providing you delicious and fresh greens from our farm to your table. We value the mission behind providing you a way to consume local, more environmentally sound options. Our farm is dedicated to producing greens that you can confidently pick up at your local market, knowing it’s one of the healthiest options for you. That’s why we partner with likeminded grocers like Dave’s Fresh Marketplace.

Dave’s Fresh Marketplace is the largest independent grocery chain in Rhode Island, and has been operating since 1969. Dave’s is passionate about supporting their local communities. Their dedication to freshness is something that cannot go unmentioned. Many of their customers would comment on the great local and personal atmosphere at Dave’s. Whether it’s the seafood, the meat, the prepared meals, or the produce, freshness is what their customers keep will find.

This staple Rhode Island marketplace is important to the state for more reasons than the fresh options they provide. They are enthusiastic about showing support for both the people and the products that make up their community. They understand that supplying local options not only adds variety, but flavor to the local food scene. Their stores showcase over 48 local food entrepreneurs, all in the hopes of supporting their friends, neighbors, and family. At their stores, you can find anything from nut and gluten-free baked goods to a RI-based gourmet granola company, fresh catches of the day like lobster, oysters, or mussels, and of course our personal favorite, lēf Farms products!

We are proud to have our greens offered at Dave’s Fresh Marketplace. This partnership speaks directly to our focus as a company to bring the fresh and delicious flavor of our lettuce to you. We believe that being able to provide consumers with a product that was harvested less than 24 hours before their purchase brings an incredible combination of freshness, flavor, and quality, and that’s what Dave’s Marketplace also holds near and dear to their heart.

Their dedication to quality is tantamount to ours. Dave’s and lēf Farms share in the goal to provide not only freshness, flavor, and nutritional value, but also play a larger role in creating a healthier environment while supporting local economies. When consumers share, “My only regret is I should have started shopping there sooner,” it’s only right that our products have a place on the shelves of an establishment that has been dedicated to fresh for over 50 years. Next time you’re at Dave’s pick up some of our greens, the freshness will speak for itself.

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