Unbelievably fresh lettuce—from our farm to your table in 24 hours.

Unbelievably fresh lettuce—from our farm to your table in 24 hours.

fresh starts with a farm that is closer to you.

We believe that any lettuce that has to travel cross country to get to you can’t be called fresh. That’s why we grow our lettuce right here in New Hampshire 365 days a year and deliver it to your local retailers within 24 hours of being harvested. Now that’s what we call fresh.


greens with locked in flavor that lasts.

We harvest our greens at a chilly 35°F in our harvest room designed to rapidly remove heat and lock in the fresh taste. Yes, it’s science. The most amazing part is that our greens last. Enjoy the same deliciousness and crunch for weeks after you take them home.


farming with purpose.

Where our farm and 75,000-sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse now stand was once a plot of land most people considered unusable. But we felt it had the potential to become the home of the freshest and tastiest greens in New England. You’ve seen the word “organic” on greens and other produce, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Our farm is completely automated and 100% hydroponic which means no foodborne illnesses or pathogens, an environment more sustainable than organic growing and only the safest and cleanest quality greens.

up to 90% reduction in water consumption and nutrient loss
97% efficient natural gas boilers to heat during winter months
over 100% offest of carbon emissions
absolutely zero pesticides
production equivalent to 66 acres on 1 acre of land

Fresh is right here.

We’ve made sure you can easily find our greens. From your local markets, to your favorite restaurants, to the schools and hospitals you see every day.