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Say ‘hello’ to Crisp,  the Crunchy Alternative to Romaine and Iceberg

On the heels of launching its Fusion blend just a few short months ago, lēf Farms is excited to introduce another unique leafy green to the market, called Crisp. Touted as a crunchy new alternative to traditional Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, Crisp combines a robust, crispy bite with a fresh, bright flavor — making it an ideal way to add texture and flavor to sandwiches, or use as the foundation of a deliciously crunchy Caesar salad, among other recipes.

“As always, we want to introduce greens that bring more to the table than just the typical Spring mix”, states lēf farm’s President and CEO, Henry Huntington. “New Crisp does just that by packing a crispy crunch into every bite, which up until now was only satisfied with Romaine or Iceberg lettuce,” finishes Huntington.

Knowing a large majority of lettuce lovers eat iceberg and Romaine, lēf Farms spent several months’ trialing different varieties that would deliver the crunch consumers love but with a unique flavor composition that’s been a trademark of lēf Farms’ other blends. And by deploying an approach that’s as unique as its greens, lēf Farms partnered with one of the largest grocery chains in the Northeast, Hannaford Supermarkets, to test its findings. After completing several rounds of sampling, lēf Farms and Hannaford agreed that Crisp provided the distinctive combination they needed to meet the growing demand for a crunchy and flavorful alternative to Romaine and Iceberg lettuce.

The partnership between lēf Farms and Hannaford Supermarkets doesn’t end at the research. In fact, these two local companies have created a lēf-y alliance whereas Crisp is exclusively available at the 181 Hannaford stores across New England. This not only emboldens lēf with a strong distribution partner in its local region but, knowing the increased popularity of locally grown greens in the Northeast, it gives Hannaford a competitive point of differentiation from other grocers.

“We recognize that ‘local’ runs much deeper than just geography”, begins Kim Kuusela, Local Merchandising Specialist at Hannaford Supermarkets. “It’s about giving our customers the opportunity to find a variety of local products to help preserve local farmland, local traditions, and local jobs. And lēf helps us deliver on our mission with fresher, sustainably grown products, reducing our food miles, and creating ecstatic fans. And we’re excited to partner with them and look forward to all the possibilities Crisp brings to our guests,” finishes Kuusela.

With Crisp the possibilities are endless, which isn’t too dissimilar to its shelf life. Like all of its greens, lēf’s Crisp is not only grown and harvested pesticide-free and without the touch of human hands, it’s harvested in a cooler at 35°F. This quickly removes heat created during the growing process which locks in fresh taste, increases post-harvest performance, and extends shelf life. And, like its other blends, Crisp greens are delivered to shelves and kitchens across the Northeast within just 24 hours of harvest. So, they arrive to you just as crisp and fresh as when they left lēf’s greenhouse.

Available in 4 oz. teal-labeled clamshells, Crisp can be found exclusively at Hannaford Supermarkets. To find the nearest store, visit the lēf Farms Locate page at lef-farms.com/locate.

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  • Susan says:

    No need to wash the lettuce since it’s hydroponically grown and pesticide free and not touched by human hands. Correct?!

    We love it!

  • Elisabeth Sturges says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I purchased a container of “Fusion” on May 24th in Ossipee, NH, and had the last bit last evening, June 12th in
    Portsmouth, NH. Certainly you deserve congratulations on such a fresh product!

    Thank you!

  • PK says:

    Seriously fabulous taste and crunch. Eating right now! And will continue to buy.

    Please post the nutrition information.
    Thank you.

  • Patricia Indelicato says:

    Do you have to wash greens prior to eating?

    • lēf Farms says:

      Great question, Patricia! Our greens are not pre-washed. We pride ourselves in producing hydroponically in a 100% automated growing and harvesting process. This means there is no bugs, dirt, pesticides and, best of all, no human hands that touch these greens. Those are the primary reasons West Coast brands have to triple rinse their greens with a chlorine bath.

      As far as washing, we leave the decision up to you, if you think it makes our product safer than by all means please wash them before eating.
      That said, most of the feedback we get from customers is that they don’t rinse them, we would say however that there is a large portion of our fans that wash all produce and that includes our greens.

  • F. M. and Gloria R. Day says:

    We love your salad greens. Its the only brand we buy. I assume we don’t have to wash the greens before use…am I correct, or should I be washing the greens.

    We buy them at Hannaford in East Waterboro, Maine.

    Do you grow spinach?