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From Farm to Table – A Journey Through our Growing Process: Part 1







lēf greens are delicious for a reason. They’re fresh, healthy, and locally grown. A lot goes into each package of our greens, which is why a lot of flavor comes out. Before that flavor bursts onto your plate, these greens go through a technically advanced journey unlike any other. Here’s a peek inside our seeding and germination process.

On our farm, every baby leaf starts with a soft bed of germination media. It’s here in our growing channels that the perfect combination of heat  and moisture creates the ideal environment for our non-GMO seeds to sprout. From there, they are sent to our specialized seeders that allow us to plant up to fifteen different varieties of lettuces, mustards, and Asian greens. Our specially designed growing channels have air space below the germination media to allow roots to grow. Once seeded, the growing channels receive a fine mist and make their way via a network of conveyors to the greenhouse where they will germinate (the fun is about to begin).

Strong seedlings are the foundation for healthy plants, and healthy plants mean delicious greens for you. When the seedlings are young, they need a lot of extra care.  Direct to plant irrigation and advanced heating and cooling systems provide pure, clean water and the perfect temperature right where these little greens need. Think of it as a spa treatment for plants. After two to three days in the germination chamber, the seeds are germinated and are ready to move through an automated lift arm to the upper growing level where there is lots of natural sunlight to grow our healthy greens.

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