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Introducing Fusion, a Fresh New Take on Standard Spring Mixes

How do you satisfy those who love baby greens but possess an unpretentious yet discriminating palette? Those who have been searching for a straightforward mix with a bit more punch than a�excuse us as we yawn�Spring Mix? Well, those are exactly the lettuce lovers l?f Farms (pronounced �leaf�) is looking to attract with its newest blend of baby red and green leaf lettuce called Fusion.

�Our goal was to introduce a new mix that captures the hearts and taste buds of those looking for something simple but something that still carries a unique flavor and texture profile they can�t find in an everyday mix�, affirms l?f’s President and CEO, Henry Huntington.

Similar to the approach l?f took in the creation of its flagship Smooth and Spice mixes, l?f performed an extensive analysis of the lettuce market. And what it uncovered was a sizable base that�s looking for a more straightforward lettuce option. But, true to form, l?f added its own flair by melding soft, red buttery Bibb lettuce with a crisper and more substantial green leaf variety, resulting in the distinctive combination found in l?f �s new Fusion.

�Each bite gives our customers a wonderfully tasty and crunchy experience,� smiles l?f �s Sales & Marketing Manager, Donald Grandmaison. �Whether they�re enjoying a Fusion salad or topping off their favorite sandwich with some fresh Fusion greens, our new blend is as versatile as you can get.�

With Fusion the possibilities are endless, which isn�t too dissimilar to its shelf life. Like all of its baby blends, Fusion is harvested in a cooler at 35�F. The principle is very similar to using a freeze dryer in a science laboratory. This process quickly removes the heat created during the growing process in order to lock in fresh taste, increase post-harvest performance, and extend shelf life. And, like its other blends, Fusion greens are delivered to shelves and kitchens across the Northeast within just 24 hours of harvest. So, they arrive at you just as crisp and fresh as when they left l?f �s greenhouse.

Available in 4 oz. fuchsia-labeled clamshells, Fusion can be found, along with l?f �s Smooth and Spice blends, at grocers all across the Northeast. For retailers, Fusion comes in an 8-pack case containing 32 oz. of l?f -y goodness. And for food service, our 2 x 1.5 lb.-pack case amasses 3 lbs. of fresh Fusion in clear bags.

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